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Just by the lake, Ladakh, India

Tso Moriri, at a distance of around 250km from Leh is a high mountain lake at a height of around 4500m.

Mighty mountains, snow capped peaks, lush green fields and the deep blue water stretching to the horizon, Tso Moriri offers it all. Due to its long distance from Leh, It is not frequented by too many tourists. Which means, when you visit Tso Moriri, you will most likely, have it all to yourself!

Shikara at Dal lake, Sringar, Kashmir, India

Shikara is a wooden boat used for the transport of people and goods in the lakes all over Kashmir.

A shikara ride in the Dal lake in Srinagar has become a must-do activity for any tourist. Here they are painted in bright colours and have colourful tapestry inside. It can seat 4 people and boatman rows from the upper bow.