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True story of how Seth Kugel (NYTimes Frugal Traveler writer) got scammed while booking a vacation rental apartment in London. Some important lessons from his experience, on how to :

  1. Always use a credit card. He wire transferred the money and then there was no way to get it back. Credit cards will usually refund your money if something goes wrong.
  2. Check for previous scams. Search Web sites like,, and, if a previous traveler has warned that the rental you are interested in might be a scam.
  3. Use reputable and tested sites. Airbnb, Roomorama, Hostelworld and a few others are trusted services which will have some measures to protect the user.

The mystical, magical city of Benares (also known as Varanasi)

Varanasi morning (by ¡arturii!)

(via landscapelifescape)

Get the skyline at dawn. Traffic-free city center in the early morning, traffic-full city center late in the morning. Food market/cafes at lunch, street markets in early afternoon. Skyline in the evening. Wrap up with night markets or night clubs. Phew!

Amazing pic of Amasia, Turkey! Makes you want to take a trip, no? So many have already been there!

Photo: Mustafa Dedeog Lu  (Via- landscapelifescape)

If you thought endangered only referred to the animal species, think again!

Beijing’s Hutong communities, a collection of traditional Chinese homes with courtyards are just waiting to be picked off by the demolition board. Matterhorn, yes the great Mt Matterhorn, might have a hotel perched atop it. Eeks!! The holier than thou institution, the great British pub is slowing being devoured by something called the ‘gastropub’. Gives us the shudders, it does!

Suit up or dress down, whatever your style and check out these 25 places you must-see now before they are changed forever.

When James Joyce said that it’s hard to cross Dublin without passing a pub, these guys took on the challenge. What came out of their literal curiosity and tech wizardry is this map. Quite amazing, we say!

Rub Bua (or Rap Bua) is the beautiful Lotus Flower Receiving Festival which takes place at Bang Phli, Thailand. Locals line the banks of the Klong Samrong river and throw lotus flowers onto a boat which ceremoniously carries a statue of the revered Buddha.

More on Rub Bua Festival

(via somewhereintheworldtoday)

Do you know what’s there to see in Kampala, Uganda? Well, we do! Check out these tombs made from bark cloth and reeds, which are over a 100 years old! (via Things to see in Kampala| mygola)

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), the most punctual European airline 2 years in a row, created this fun games app, TimeKiller, for all those not flying SAS. Very cool marketing, we say!

Wonderful time lapse video of the sights and sounds of Mexico City. All set to some gorgeous soundtrack!

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